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Care Tips for Your Stunning Swimwear

follow these simple steps:

  • Cold Water Love:
    Wash your swimsuit in cold water, preferably by hand, using a delicate soap after each use.
  • Shady Drying:
    Hang your swimsuit to dry in the shade, avoiding wringing to maintain its shape.
  • No Bag or Towel Traps:
    Don't leave your wet swimsuit in bags or wrapped in towels to prevent any unwanted surprises.
  • Machine-Free Zone:
    Skip the washing machine and dryer – these are a no-go for your beloved swimsuit.
  • Gentle Cleaning Ritual:
    Use only delicate soap for cleaning after wearing it in the pool.
  • Post-Pool TLC:
    After a dip, wash your swimsuit in tap water with mild soap to keep it fresh.
  • Pool and Hot Tub Awareness:
    Beware of chlorine, rough surfaces, and hot tubs – they can impact the longevity of your swimsuit, affecting colors and fabric.
  • Oil and Cream Caution:
    Exercise care with creams and oils to avoid potential staining of your swimsuit.

Remember, the above care tips ensure your swimsuit's longevity. They're not considered defects, just a little love for your swimwear!