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A love story with the ocean

Who is Alma Ola?

“Alma Ola” means that special bond between our souls and the waves. Capturing the feeling of sun-kissed days and endless summers.

Born in 2014 as a personal adventure, turned into a swimwear brand. Adi, our founder, mixed her love for Island surfing and the ocean, crafting stylish, eco-conscious swimwear. Our journey started as a dream and bloomed into a global venture, Now proudly an all-women brand celebrating the love for life under the sun.

Our Textiles

Riding the wave of our deep love for the sea, Alma Ola is all about crafting swimwear that simply makes you feel amazing. Crafted from soft recycled fabric, Our textiles are made with the innovation of recycled technology. Each original print is a unique design made in collaboration with a female illustrator.

Our swimsuits are made to last, not only rocking a fantastic look and feel but also aiming to make every woman feel comfy, sexy, and totally empowered—especially when soaking up those beach vibes and sunny days. Each stitch and design is like a personal touch, amplifying the genuine connection we share with the ocean.

Our Agenda

We focus on making high-quality swimwear with great attention to detail. Our swimsuits are designed to fit all body types, from extra small to extra large, promoting body positivity.

 What's special is that our swimwear is made from soft recycled fabrics, including materials like fishing nets, nylon bags, and ocean plastics. Plus, our garments are made in fair-trade factories in Thailand, ensuring fair and ethical production practices. Committed to sustainability, we produce a limited number of pieces, ensuring each item is crafted with care and attention. Our dedication extends beyond design— we've partnered with factories that prioritize fair trade practices and emphasize the importance of quality.

Join us on our journey,

where we strive to capture the sun-kissed bliss

of days that feel endlessly like summer.

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