5 Yoga poses you can do anytime and everywhere

Yoga is a way of life. Part of the yoga as a way of life is the physical practice – Asanas. As we live in our own body, we can actually practice yoga anytime and everywhere.
Here are 5 yoga poses you can do anytime and everywhere:

One of the Surya Namaskar A Poses. Rooting and chest opening pose.

  • Feet together
  • Press down evenly through the feet
  • Tuck the tailbone
  • Reach your chest forward and up
  • Stretch up through the arms
  • Relax the shoulders

Stretches the sides and the front body, helps to create space in the back. Allows free breath.

Chair pose. Root and strength. One of the best poses to create heat in the body.

  • Shift the weight to the heels
  • Lengthen the tailbone down
  • Lift the belly above the thighs
  • Open the chest
  • Relax the shoulders down, keep the neck long

Builds strength and warms up the body.

Crescent Lunge. Strength and balance.

  • Keep the feet parallel, reach actively the back heel backward and down
  • Keep the front knee above the heel and the back heel straight
  • Draw the tailbone down
  • Stretch the arms alongside the ears

Strengthens and stretches the legs muscles. Builds core engagement and balance.

Tree Pose. Root and balance.

  • Press down evenly through the standing foot
  • Keep your hips squared
  • Press the inner thigh towards the lifted foot
  • Reach your arms up, press the hands to one another. relax the shoulders
  • Lengthen your spine through the crown of the head
  • Relax the gaze or challenge with eyes closed

Strengthens the feet and legs, builds balance. Create length and space in the back.

Utthita Parsvakonasana
Extended Side Angle Pose. Strength and stretch.

  • Bend the front leg and straighten the back leg.
  • Lengthen the tailbone down. Keep firming the outer hips in.
  • Reach the top arm alongside the ear.
  • Keep the chest open, one shoulder above the other.

Stretches the side body and builds core engagement.

And now… pool time!