Hola sisters’ mermaids!

So, we were thinking that we really want to share with you mermaids some more information about our swimming wear because its go’s deep… (by all mining) and it mean a lot for us- hopefully for you as well ?

The meaning of Alma Ola name… Alma in Spanish means soul, Ola is a wave (yesss, it’s more than hello greeting) so the whole, complete meaning is about the deep connection between our soul to wave, to the ocean, for this beautiful big blue planet we’re all living on, how much we loving it for the nature, for the views and sight’s, for the amazing exiting experience it provides us, for our neighbors on this planet, the animals that tech us compassion and expanding our hearts


….This planet that slowly, all of its systems are getting damaged out of excessive consumption and us human race being careless

…It’s important for us to talk (write) about it, because as much as people will be aware and will care- change can happen- a real change



-Let’s go back to our swimwear

We are very proud to tell that our swimwear is made of high-quality Lycra fabric (Italian Lycra) that fabric is made of all kind of marine debris, all kind of plastic products, fishing nets etc.  all of this are being collect by volunteer divers and go to the factory to reprocess



  At the end of the process all of this horrible trash becomes our beautiful fabric for your swimwear!!!!! (and of course, fashion industry and home decor also use it, not only us)

So… out of trash that no one would have think of touching it, it becomes the beautiful, sexy swimwear you looking at (and really must have) and… (!!!!) it’s sustainable! Eco-friendly! And make your summer so much happier and colorful!!!

Beloved mermaids! Please remember that ecological process take’s really long time to nature, nylons and plastic material take hundreds of years to consumed. And not only us humans are being hurt by it… so are the animals and the environment.

So next time you having fun on the beach, having a picnic or whatever… keep it in mind, keep it clean…


Give back love to the ocean and to nature