A love story with the ocean
Alma Ola in Latin means and refer to the connection between the
soul to the wave’s- the deep  and strong connection to the ocean
So if you are a mermaid
You’ve defiantly in the right place
Our swimwear
Are all our original designs, sit’s perfectly on the body
And been all made with love and endless care to the little detailed
  All of the swimwear print’s are original and inspired from dreams
And travels of tropical and magical beach’s around the world
Our swimwear are made in Israel, we very proud of support the local industry
Alma Ola born for you- free spirit
That the favorite item to wear is the swimwear
All of our swimwear are made of soft Italian fabric
That developed with unique technology of regenerated materials
The fabric fiber is made of fishing net’s, nylon bag’s and different plastic
All collected from the ocean
 Our goal is to raise the environment awareness reduce plastic use
To keep the ocean clean and to give it back love
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